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UPDATE: Transitional Worker Surrenders To OPSO; Second Person Arrested

NEW ORLEANS - 6-29-2015

(Updated June 29, 2015, 4:00 p.m.)

The Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office today reported that inmate Jamarr Smith, 20 turned himself in to officers from OPSO's Investigative Services Bureau at about 11:30 p.m. Sunday.

Jamarr_SmithJamarr Smith, 20Markita_RobertsonMarkita Robertson, 24

Smith, who walked away from his transitional work assignment early Saturday, was picked up by ISB at his mother's residence.

In a related development, the Sheriff's Office on Saturday also charged Markita Robertson, 24, with one count of assisting escape and one count of obstruction of justice. Robertson is believed to be Smith's girlfriend. Surveillance video shows the pair leaving the Jefferson Parish business in Robertson's car. Smith was not at the business when deputies came to transport him back to the OPSO transitional work center.

Smith joined OPSO's Transitional Work Program on March 2, and was scheduled to be released on Oct. 3.

Smith faces a new charge of simple escape.

Continue Reading for Original Article from June 27, 2015


Statement By Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office Regarding The Judge’s Order To Resume Construction Of The New Inmate Housing Facility

NEW ORLEANS - 6-26-2015

(Updated June 26, 2015, 4:45 p.m.)

"The Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office is pleased with today's court ruling which allows construction of the inmate housing facility to resume immediately.

We can now resume our efforts to promote public safety by completing the construction of inmate housing. The City of New Orleans can no longer stand in the way of the completion of our facilities or use politics to confuse the public.

After the ruling, James Williams, an attorney representing the Sheriff's Office said, "This facility is an important community resource for keeping the public safe. Any delay in its construction is a delay in making progress toward a constitutional jail. Today's ruling, while temporary, is good news for the workers who showed up wanting to work, so they can feed their families. These workers should not be subjected to political maneuvers by the city to put them out of work and divert more than $50 million in FEMA funding away from its intended purpose -- to build a safe, humane, and constitutional jail."

When opened, the new housing facility can accommodate all types of inmates, including, but not limited to, those with medical and mental health conditions, female and juvenile inmates, or inmates requiring disciplinary or administrative segregation.

The OPSO is one hundred percent committed to building a constitutional jail that will make the city safe, for all individuals. Building a constitutional jail that can accommodate the current inmate population and special care population paves the path to improving public safety. However, in order for a constitutional jail to be built, all parties must be willing to work together towards this goal."


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If you have a medical question about an inmate, call the Medical Inmate Advocate at 504-822-8000, ext. 4134.

The Medical Inmate Advocate is an experienced OPSO nurse who will investigate your concern and call you back. If you wish to provide medical information about an inmate, call the Medical Inmate Advocate. Medical confidentiality is maintained, but your concerns will be addressed.

Programs for Public Benefit

Harmony House

The OPSO Harmony House addresses the needs of parent, child, the courts, and the communities of New Orleans and the surrounding metropolitan areas by providing a safe, supportive environment for Supervised Visitation and Monitored Exchanges with equal regard for parent and child safety.


Young Marines

The OPSO chapter of the Young Marines is in partnership with the national Young Marines program. Youth under the age of 18 enroll for drill, games, field trips, and education.


West Bank Major Crime Taskforce

Deputies assigned to this task force focusing on major crimes and narcotics enforcement on the West Bank.

United States Marshalls Task Force

OPSO also participates in US Marshall task force activities, focusing on the apprehension of violent criminals in the Greater New Orleans Area and monitors registered sex offenders in Orleans Parish.

The Great Body Shop

The Great Body Shop program is a school-based program which covers drug prevention, health, bullying, emergency situations, nutrition, and other topics for youth from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Materials and training are available from OPSO.


Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman’s Supervised Visitation Center

This program is in partnership with Harmony House and provides non-custodial parents a safe drop-off and/or visitation area.


Juvenile Curfew Center

OPSO maintains the Orleans Parish Juvenile Curfew Center in conjunction with the New Orleans Police Department. Youth under the age of 18 are brought to the facility when they violate City of New Orleans curfew laws and are held in a non-secure environment until a parent or guardian arrives for them.

Elderly Victim Assistance and Victim’s Assistance

This program is in partnership with the State of Louisiana Victims Assistance Board and provides limited funding and assistance to elderly or non-elderly victims of crime.


Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)

DARE is a school-based drug awareness and prevention program for youth. OPSO’s main focus is sixth graders through high-school.


Criminal Patrols

This program focuses on outstanding warrants for violent crimes. Persons wanted for violent crimes are targeted and arrested for public safety. This program is grant funded in partnership with the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and focuses on proactive crime prevention in high crime areas and the apprehension of wanted fugitives.

Programs for Inmates

Warren McDaniels Transitional Workforce Center

Department of Corrections inmates who have eighteen months or less and a suitable record can end their sentence in the work release program at the Warren McDaniels Transitional Workforce Facility.



This program is in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections and provides job training, counseling, and drug treatment services to DOC inmates who are within nine months of release.


Narcotics Anonymous

This program is available to inmates in Conchetta, the South White Street Female Facility and the Warren McDaniels Transitional Workforce Center and will be expanding to other buildings as additional volunteers are gained.


Low Literacy to GED  Educational Services

These services are provided by our educational partners, the Orleans Parish Public Schools’ Alternative Learning Institute (South White Street Female Facility, juveniles held as adults, House of Detention, and Orleans Parish Prison)...


Intensive Incarceration

This program is in partnership with the Louisiana Commission for Law Enforcement and will shortly be introduced at the South White Street Female Facility. Female inmates will receive intensive drug treatment counseling and educational services.


HIV Counseling and Testing

This program is in partnership with the Office of Public Health. All incoming arrestees are offered HIV testing upon arrival. A trained nurse is on hand to counsel the patient on the results. As a matter of course, arrestees...


GED Testing Center

OPSO is a State of Louisiana Department of Education certified GED testing facility. We give a monthly GED test for the public, and test inmate students within secure facilities approximately every two months or as students are ready.


Electronic Monitoring Program

This program is in partnership with the City of New Orleans and the Crime Coalition. At the discretion of the courts, bonded, sentenced inmates are fitted with an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet...


Day Reporting Center

The Day Reporting Center is a collaborative agreement between the New Orleans Sheriff Office and the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections. The New Orleans Day Reporting Center program strives...


Community Service

Inmates who are considered low risk and who wish to work for the public good are assigned to Community Service, where they perform a number of civic tasks. The Community Service Division also works in partnership with...


Alcoholics Anonymous

This program is available to inmates in the House of Detention and the Warren McDaniels Transitional Workforce Center and will be expanding to other buildings as additional volunteers are gained. There is also a group...


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