Monday, September 28, 2020
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Inmate Visitation Instructions

Visitation days and times vary by facility. Please confirm inmate location and facility visitation days & time below.

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OPSO Visitation Procedures

In order to visit an Inmate at an OPSO facility, you must comply with the following rules and regulations:
  • You must have a valid State driver's license or picture ID.
  • If you are displaced as a result of the storm, the blue card must reflect the address where you are currently living (This is considered your temporary address).
  • When you visit you must bring your State ID, your blue card, and a piece of mail that you have received at this temporary address.

    Anyone wanting to visit an inmate at an OPSO facility must be dressed appropriately. If there is a question as to a person's dress, the Watch Commander on duty will have the discretion as to whether the person will be allowed to visit or not. The following articles will not be allowed during visitation (If a visitor is wearing one of the following, the visitor will be asked to remove it and leave it in a secured area prior to visitation. Anyone who does not comply will not be allowed to visit).
  • No caps of any kind
  • No scarves/bandanas
  • No curlers
  • No low cut or see-through blouses
  • No shorts or short skirts (skirts must be at least knee length)
  • No tank tops or sleeveless shirts
  • No strapless or backless shoes
  • No leggings/skin-tight pants
  • All females must be wearing undergarments (bras/slips/etc.)
  • All keys must be in one's pocket (not on a chain around one's neck)
  • No oversized earrings/necklaces
  • No name tags/pins
  • No hairpins/decorative barrettes
  • No skirts with high slits
  • No baby bottles/diaper bags

    * This list is subject to the Warden/Watch Commander's discretion and is subject to be changed without prior notification.

    Anyone under the influence of alcohol/drugs will be denied visitation privileges. Anyone causing disruptive behavior will be denied visitation privileges. If either of these occur, the visitor's blue visitation card will be confiscated and the visitor will be asked to leave the premises.

    If a person has violated OPSO rules and regulations and their visitation privileges have been denied, the Warden/Watch Commander will be notified and a report will be submitted to the visitation office the next day. The reason for denial and the visitor's blue visitation card will be attached to the report.

    In order to have visitation privileges reinstated the visitor must contact the Warden/Watch Commander of the building in regards to the report. Visitation privileges will not be reinstated unless the Warden/Watch Commander approves it.
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